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International Airports: one each at Lamu, Isiolo, and Lake Turkana; as well as an intermediary airport in Lamu

Cost Estimate
  • Lamu International Airport – US$ 188 Million
  • Isiolo International Airport – US$ 175 Million
  • Turkana International Airport – US$ 143 Million
Economic Evaluation
  • Airport at Lamu has an EIRR of 20.7%, which indicates economic viability.
  • Airports at Isiolo and Turkana, however, need rehabilitation and maintenance of the existing airports. The maximum allowable costs are assessed to maintain the cut-off EIRR of 12%,
Financing Plan
  • In consideration of public nature of an international airport, the basic civil facilities should be constructed, owned, and maintained by the Government of Kenya.
  • The passenger and cargo terminals are better to be constructed, owned and operated by qualified private entities under the PPP Framework.
  • Intermediary Airports have been planned at the three locations to build up air transport and logistics business case for the International Airports.
  • Preliminary facilities at Manda Airport in Lamu completed, including a 1 Km runway and terminal building.
  • 3 Km runway completed in Isiolo. Construction works on the terminal building ongoing with an estimated completion rate of 90%.
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